Horizontal Shower

Horizontal Shower

Innovative shower from German company Dornbracht will gently massage your body and help you relax after a long day of work.

With 6 programmable shower heads and elegant modern design, this cool horizontal shower will make a great addition to any bathroom.

Dornbracht Shower


Modern Shower

Cool Shower

Dornbracht Horizontal Shower

Innovative Shower

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  1. Diego

    pretty, but i wouldnt use it if i am in a hurry

  2. woops

    “Idea is cool, but looks uncomfortable”

    I think you could post this on about 99% of all Toxel posts, even though I realize its the creativity behind the post that counts, and not the practicality.

  3. Sharyn

    You’d have to make sure you used “no more tears” shampoo if you wanted to wash your hair

  4. Mukesh


  5. C. M.

    looks like it uses like 10 gallons per minute – NOT OK.

  6. hamid


  7. Fillibert

    @C. M. Water goes down the drain and eventually back to wherever it came from. Most of the waste comes from heating the water though so yes wasteful especially considering heat escapes due to lack of enclosure

  8. Doc

    I think this would be ok as part of a Spa treatment. You’ll be showered with warm water for a given amount of time just to wash of the salts and oils used for the massage. Just wished the shower heads were moving to provide adequate coverage.

  9. viewer

    lol what is the point of that

  10. kahlie

    Now, the shower curtain/bathroom wall is very creative in the last photo. I really want that.

  11. Rob

    haven’t you ever just wanted to lay down in your shower? dont know about yall, but i know i have before. when you are just too tired to stand after a long day and just want to feel the water run over your body. its just hard to lay down in a normal size tub, i end up just siting down in the tub. i would love this concept, strictly for relaxation purposes. you would need a seprate real shower to clean yourself.

  12. Douglas

    More of a sculptural piece than functional. You want to lay down – how about a

    jetted hot tub? Like others have said – pretty much a waste. Oh, wait, isn’t that

    what the rich do?

  13. Bianca

    @Doc – that’s one of the first thing I thought of, it would be very useful in an expensive spa or the like, the use something similar and cheaper as you know to wash off the body and as a special treatment, this would be great because wut looks like art, and you could be by yourself.

    Second thing was how much I like it! Whenever I’m tired I’ll lay down in the shower-tub and have it on my back, i don’t do that often now because most bathtubs are to small/short, anyways this looks awesome but its not like I’d use it for everyday cleaning, if I ever could get this I’d use it to relax, and make up for it by having everything in my house “green” and efficient. Otherwise I hope one day to have this in my spa :)

  14. Libeerian

    I’m a bit confused here. Can she come over to my place and give me a live demonstration on how it works? Please?

  15. Amerie

    it’ll only get your back clean…

  16. la la

    I would fall asleep; probably dangerous..

  17. SianaRepmad

    @Rob- ummmmmmm yeah, thats called a bath

  18. Gert

    If I had a million dollars…

  19. viewer

    @Rob i have a sauna for relaxation purposes :)

  20. Bill

    Actually, the lovely lady _in_ the shower would do much more to help me relax, I imagine. :-) I remember something like this in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science – maybe in the 1980’s? It had all sorts of nozzles and vents and fans and heaters and lights, all computer-controlled. You could program a whole experience with fog, cool mist, warm rain, sunlight, etc. It recirculated the water as I recall, so it wasn’t particularly wasteful in that regard. It seemed like it would really be pleasant. Even now, 30 years later, I still occasionally entertain the idea of making my own.

  21. martian

    I do love the light.

  22. Waleed

    A animator definately need this!

  23. plt

    what if I’m not that beautiful or in-shape to sit under it?

  24. Maseki

    Dang this is the ultimate lazy and most non-green thing ever. the amount of water it uses and in the morning you might fall asleep in it and get late for work!!!!!!!!!!

  25. brittany

    looks unsanitary

  26. Carlitos

    The shower is still vertical c”,)

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