Stethoscope Earphones

Stethoscope Earphones

Creative headphones with remote and microphone designed by Antrepo.

Stetheadphones allow you to make and receive calls, access voice-control features, and manage music playback from your iPhone or iPod.

At this time, it is only a concept, but the company plans to manufacture these cool earbuds in the future.

Stethoscope Headphones

Stethoscope Earbuds

Doctor Earphones


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  1. Shaun

    Kinda cool I guess. but I think you’d look weird :/

  2. latincrow

    have you wear one of those, stethoscopes are uncomfortable, not really meant to be worn for long periods of time

  3. BigA

    Hey, I use to get those on the aeroplane all the time 20+ years ago. They did not have the colour variety, Just blue.

  4. Glenn Contreras

    Ok, perfect birthday gift for your Doctor! =D

  5. Waleed

    Only for nurses

  6. Doc

    i must agree with latincrow. If you wear a steth for more than five minutes, it will be painful not to mention you always try to avoid hitting the lower part as it may pull downwards and THAT is a painful experience

  7. Nurse

    As a nurse I think these are awesome. Those that think stethoscopes are painful need to buy a better one. The only painful ones are those cheap disposable ones. I would definitely buy one of these.

  8. flatsolid

    Does it come together with a doctor’s apron?

  9. atef

    don`t like it :S

  10. ics


  11. MJ

    when you’re at work do work please.

  12. fakhri

    so what? there’s no profit of wearing that thing

  13. Jessica

    That is soooo cool, i need to get one, that way we’ll always look like were working, aaaannnnnd they come in COLORS….

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