3D Printed Leg

3D Printed Exo Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic leg designed by William Root is beautiful, durable, and affordable.

Artificial leg 3D printed out of titanium is extremely strong, lightweight, and infinitely customizable. It can perfectly blend in or be something unique.

Prosthetic Leg

William Root

3D Printed Prosthetic Leg

3D Printed Leg

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  1. tom

    So how much cheaper is his compared to a “traditional” prostetic, like in % because titanium and the printing of it is much more advanced then wood and silicon

  2. netanel

    soo beautiful, i have 2 legs and still i want one of these/

  3. Dwight Emery

    I like this leg, haven’t got my left prosthetic leg yet and healing after amputation two weeks ago. This would be nice, I could add to it for various purposes things like LED lights and more. Doctor wants to prescribe a titanium lower left leg and foot for me. Was amputated below the knee. Will see what happens, but this is very nice.

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