Plastic Bottle Carrier

Plastic Bottle Carrier

Useful invention designed by Ka-Lai Chan will help you carry empty bottles.

In the Netherlands, people ofter bring empty plastic bottles back to the supermarket to be recycled. Bottle carrier makes this task easier.

Ka-Lai Chan Plastic Bottle Carrier

Ka-Lai Chan Bottle Carrier

Ka-Lai Chan

Empty Bottle Carrier

Bottle Carrier

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  1. Alba

    Trashy yet brilliant.

  2. laia

    Why not carry them in a shopping bag? So you can carry your stuf back from the shop in that.

  3. Floyd

    Interesting, pretty design, but is it really that difficult to carry 10 empty plastic bottles?

  4. criticaleye

    Solution for a problem that doesn’t exist?

  5. Swiper Fox

    A long string (tied to the plastic bottle’s neck) can carry more than 10 bottles.
    You can even pull it like a toy train made of bottles. hihihi.

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