Beer Holder for your Bicycle

Beer Holder for your Bicycle

Useful bottle holder designed by Fyxation connects to the frame of your bike.

Six Pack Caddy handmade out of leather will protect your precious cargo and free up your hands. [order]

Beer Carrier for your Bicycle

Bicycle Beer Carrier


Bicycle Beer Holder

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  1. Pearl Lamie

    Riiight! So after you lose your driver’s license for DUI, you can be eligible for another one on your bike!

  2. Mark

    At least I can say I got a six pack from riding my bicycle! I mean a person has to stay hydrated right? A toast – May all your rides be downhill, on cement and gravel free!

  3. Swiper Fox

    I hope there would be no friction burns on your inner thighs caused by this beer bottle holder

  4. Abhi

    I saw this at a local store a couple of days ago. Though the idea is nice as a concept, I cannot see myself roaming town with a six pack hanging off the top bar!

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