Tap Water Bottle

Tap Water Bottle

Beautiful water bottle designed by Junggi Sung looks like a kitchen faucet.

Creative packaging reminds you that most bottled water that people buy in stores is filled with regular tap water.

Brilliant design for a reusable bottle will inspire you to save money, think about the environment, and “Drink Tap Water”.

Faucet Water Bottle

Junggi Sung

Kitchen Faucet Water Bottle

Drink Tap Water Bottle

Junggi Sung Water Bottle

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  1. Mandy

    I love it. If only tap water wasn’t filled with garbage, then I’d drink it.

  2. sgh

    simple design and lovely

  3. Shilov

    Beautiful bottle.

  4. lammerly

    @ mandy : I am sorry but in Germany a big company you know them very good (christmas trucks) sell tap water carbonated. Our water company tell us that they use tap water and a maschine like SodaStream.

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