Business Wetsuit

Business Wetsuit

Eye-catching wetsuit designed by Japanese company Quiksilver looks like a formal business suit.

Stylish jacket, pants, shirt, and tie made out of innovative waterproof fabric.

Wear business wetsuit to the office and go surfing during lunch break.

Quiksilver Wetsuit


Business Suit Wetsuit

Quiksilver Business Wetsuit

Business Wetsuits

Quiksilver Business Suit Wetsuit

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  1. Gert

    for nerd surfers?

  2. Michele

    Bond, James Bond.

  3. cna

    it is built for “Barney Stinson” in “How I Met Your Mother” :))

  4. Alex

    I need this in my life. The stitching looks terrible, which is a pretty major flaw for it passing as a business suit.

  5. Arielle


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