Flat Water Bottle

Flat Water Bottle

Reusable water bottle shaped like a standard piece of paper was designed to perfectly fit into your favorite bag, handbag, or backpack.

Carry water alongside your computer and books. Stay hydrated all day.

Memobottle available in Letter, A4, and A5 paper sizes. [order]

Paper Water Bottle

Paper Shaped Bottles

Flat Bottle

Paper Bottle

Flat Water Bottles

A4 Bottle

A4 Water Bottle

A4 Water Bottles


Paper Shaped Bottle

Paper Shaped Water Bottle

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  1. Clare

    …but how does it look when you drink out of it??

  2. Sr. F


  3. Ashe

    Must get to put in my backpack!!!

  4. Kathy

    Really nice idea – very user-centric. And, it will work well with shipping to retail since it would make more efficient use of container space. However, branding would likely have to take place along the narrow ‘spine’ since shelf space at retail is at such a premium.

    Would be an excellent container to sell into the bigger retailers (Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, etc.). These would be perfect for the frig!!

  5. criticaleye

    Clare makes a good point. Though packaged efficiently, it looks like this bottle would be very awkward to use. Also, one image states that it’s dishwasher safe. Perhaps, but it looks too tall to be positioned so that the inside can be cleaned.

    Neat idea, though.

  6. Alacia

    Wow, this looks amazing. I want one! This is particularly useful when your backpack doesn’t have a water bottle holder.

  7. Sam Kretek

    Or one could use a Platypus collapsible container, been around for years now, weight is next to nothing empty and takes up a lot less space. Sometimes, actually many times, old school trumps what is being toted as ” new n cool”.

  8. Eric Tigre

    I couldn’t help but chuckle. Especially when the dimensions are set to paper size equivelants. I think some might be excited by the shape, but others might flash a few smiles. Whatever it takes to keep hydrated, I guess.

  9. Pearl Lamie

    Looks very brittle. Just what i want, water spilled all over my computer/papers!

  10. Dee Sine

    I don’t think would be very durable. A large hallow shape would be susceptible to stress fractures.

    Although marketed as leak proof, I would be hesitant placing it into a thin canvas bag next to my expensive laptop (as pictured above).

    An awkwardly large shape to tote once empty.

    Plenty of other products already on the market with better ergonomics: Camelbak, Platypus.

  11. Nat

    What’s it made out of please?, and if it’s plastic will the compounds leak into the water and therfore into us?. I love the design but don’t want to pay over the odds to look cool and make myself ill at the same time.

  12. DUh

    We have been using things like this for years. They are called flasks, normally metal and used to carry your favorite alcohol or beverage for those who do not drink. This is the same thing, just made of plastic and the lid is placed in an awkward place is all.

  13. Blob

    good idea, but that tip is…
    why did’n you just cut one corner in diagonal to make tip? so it really fits with A4 or others… this way cap is just taking additional space and makes it clumsy…

  14. Denis

    This is really interesting. I want to have one.

  15. Robert

    Nice oddly shaped flask?

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