Arca Hoverboard

Arca Hoverboard

Innovative hoverboard designed by ArcaSpace is powered by 36 electric fans.

ArcaBoard with 272 horsepower and built-in stabilization system can hover and fly over any terrain with speed up to 20 km/h (12.5 mph).

Rechargeable battery will keep a 110kg (243 lbs) person in the air for up to 6 minutes. First version of the ArcaBoard is priced at only $19,900.

Arca Space

Hoverboard Powered by 36 Fans

Arca Space Hoverboard

Hoverboard Powered by Fans


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  1. criticaleye

    It can hover, but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Also, that’s the most melodramatic video I’ve ever seen.

  2. Adam

    $19.900USD = 6min @ 20km/h … think it over guys…
    It could be the business of the Y2k16… but for who?!

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