Personal Helicopter

Personal Helicopter

German company E-volo has developed a working prototype of a human carrying transportation device.

Powered by sixteen electric propellers, E-volo multicopter can take off and land like a helicopter. Simple joystick allows the pilot to control the aircraft.

e-volo Multicopter



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  1. Ross

    Human blender?

  2. kikki

    Hmmm, is that a yoga ball?
    Looks like it wouldn’t resist winds more than 15 knots. So, if the ‘pilot’ happens to fall off his seat he’ll prolly end up like a human shake after he’s through the blades.

  3. Amanda

    Screw the haters.
    This looks awesome and you know it. It’s so great to see people pushing the boundaries and bringing imagination to life. Way to go guys! <3

  4. Lilia Smiles

    This is cool…just coolER with more safety precautions. It’s a great concept just not when you go through the blender settings of puree, liquify, ice crush and whip.

  5. harshit

    hey its great for a prototype.

  6. Sharyn

    Awesome! There’s no way those propellers would cut anything, you might get a little bruised if you were particularly girlish but that’s it.

  7. James Ward

    The amazing rotating ball of Death!

  8. Tom

    Hmm, didn’t the Wright brothers do something similar? About 100 years ago..

  9. Kid

    I dig how the pilot is just “tethered” into the seat.

  10. karen ho fatt

    Cool yes but-Those propellers look very dangerous. I see them as being a hazard should that thing crash.

  11. Frequent Toxel Viewer

    You guys have to keep in mind that these are professionals in the field, and they performed unmanned tests before they actually got on it. I have to agree Sharyn that those propellers are so small they would have a hard time cutting through lettuce. They don’t look like they are made of metal, so they are probably some composite. So relax, it’s not as unsafe as it looks. Personally, I would be more worried if my kid went riding his scooter down the street with no helmet on.

  12. Christian

    Lol @ Sharyn. “particularly girlish”

  13. douglas

    Notice he didn’t go very high. A tilt in any direction, overcompensation to correct…uh oh. Still, appreciate pushing the envelope. The quest to fly.

  14. Bill


    Computers constantly adjust the power of each rotar using gyroscopic sensors to keep the thing stable in the air. This is not a new thing. There are plenty of instructables that show you how to make your own (granted at a much smaller scale). This is the first one I’ve ever seen capable of carrying a human. Tilting the helicopter would not only be ok, but would be required to move in any direction (besides up and down) since the pitch of the rotars cannot be adjusted.

    Two thumbs up to these guys. Great ingenuity. Pushing the envelope. I like it.

  15. kadal

    W O W . . . .

  16. Gert

    Those are carbon fiber blades. You would get more than a few bruises if you got nailed by them. So yes, slightly dangerous, just not life threateningly so.

    My husband flies RC’s. Having been nailed a couple of times by ones that have lost control, trust me, you will be badly bruised and possibly need stitches.

  17. Paul Ricketts

    If this is just the first step/attempt then this is really cool. As someone mentioned before, the Wright Bros. Can you imagine what the doubters were saying about the Wright Bros first attempt? These guys could be/are onto something that could revolutionize personal transportation. I’m not surprised that these guys are from Germany. This could be the “Volkswagen Bug” of the future. Keep at it guys. I already want one.

  18. alastair mcniven

    great idea. how about having the multiple blades mounted on gullwings. these could be raised vertically for parking and lowered for flight. this would help to reduce the vehicle’s footprint on the ground.
    if the gullwings are adjusted by hydrolics they could provide the control surfaces to steer the craft in flight.
    having variable power to different sets of blades could provide forward or backwards thrust in flight.
    you guys have really got my imagination working.
    keep up the good work

  19. ninjaassassins2

    This is pretty great, my brother, dad and i would like one of these.

  20. Flight

    Unless it gets to treetop level at a minimum, what’s the point? As a prototype, it’s a good first effort though.

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