Face Mask Shield

Face Mask Shield

Glasses inspired mask shield provides an extra layer of protection for your face.

Transparent, lightweight, and comfortable mask you wear just like glasses.

Face mask shield designed by Wild Tortoise is breathable and convenient.

It creates a space between the mask and your face which means you get unrestricted breathability.

Cloth masks can be worn over the mask shield for even more protection.

Face Shield

The Mask Shield

Wild Tortoise Face Mask Shield

Compatible with Glasses

Glasses Face Mask

Wild Tortoise

Wild Tortoise Mask Shield

Mask Shield

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  1. Patrick O McGinty

    This is a face SHIELD and not a face MASK. It does not qualify as a face mask as it is not tight to the skin and would not qualify as an N-95 filtering rated face MASK. Face SHIELDS are used where there is a chance of airborne particles getting in the eyes.

  2. nonya business

    This was created by someone who doesn’t understand why masks are worn – filtration!
    There’s no filter in solid plastic!

    With a stupid mask like this you’re just increasing the air blowing back into your face (causing glasses to fog up even more than with a fabric mask), and you get NONE of the benefits.

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