MacBook Selfie Stick

MacBook Selfie Stick

Large selfie stick allows you to use your Apple MacBook as a selfie camera.

MacBook selfie stick designed by Moises, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle.

If you have been using your iPad as a selfie camera, now it is time to upgrade to a larger screen of a MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Selfie Stick

Laptop Selfie Stick

Notebook Selfie Stick

Apple Selfie Stick

MacBook Selfie

Laptop Selfie

Selfie Stick

Apple Selfiestick

Notebook Selfie

MacBook Stick

MacBook Selfiestick

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  1. Alba


  2. Pearl Lambie

    i think the photo with the “Why?” in it says it all!

  3. Jorge Cajina


  4. louis


  5. Gerald Nnasor

    A big joke!

  6. Swiper Fox

    Yeah… “WHY?”
    If its in a busy street, somebody may:
    a) smack his/her face right into it and sue you;
    b) grab and steal it;
    c) use it as a target practice;
    d) pose with you and steal your wallet; or
    e) kill you.
    Since you can’t move fast since you’re holding something heavy and fragile with your two hands, you became an easy target for other people.

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