Apple Toilet

Apple Toilet

Beautiful, stylish, and innovative Apple toilet with powerful “Flush” technology will make a great addition to your glass floor bathroom.

Designed by Milos Paripovic under the code name “iPoo”, Apple toilet is made out of the same aluminum that is used in Apple notebooks.

Beautiful design: the toilet seat is even thinner than MacBook Air.

Easy to operate: it has only one button. Designed to use less water.

Perfect toilet for MacBook users, iPhone owners, and Apple fans.

At this time, the release date of the world’s lightest, thinnest, and most efficient toilet is unknown.


iToilet Concept


Apple Toilet Concept


Milos Paripovic

iPoo Toilet

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  1. cole

    They act like having one button on a toilet is revolutionary lol
    just about every toilet i’ve ever used only has one button (a handle, but the same idea)

  2. st

    How did it come that this is “the world’s most efficient toilet”? There are toilets that not only don’t need water for flushing bit they also compost the feces making a valuable product from something considered as waste and at the same reducing the need of the costly waste water infrastructure.

  3. Gert

    This is about as innovative as um… pretty much nothing. lol. I bet that seat is ice cold too.

  4. J

    I think this is a parody ad. It sounds too much like regular apple advertisements to be for a different product. This is just a comparison of apple’s wording in their advertisements, and what it sounds like when applied to a household object.

  5. Betty

    It’s a really fun image, very nice design, I just would want to sit on it–for any reason.

  6. kelly Tozarin

    “IPoo”, what a funny name!

  7. Snufkin

    better not drop your iphone in there ;)

  8. Douglas

    Is this for my money?

  9. Jimmy

    O how innovative and creative, I guess they will release another one which isn’t pure metal and ass cold and re-name it the Ipoo S. Maybe even some colored versions to make it revolutionary……

  10. finders, thinkers

    I am pretty sure this is just a rendering and is completely sarcastic. Would more likely be bought by a PC or Android user.

  11. daffy

    Looks a bit cold.

  12. Ashe

    If you hate Apple now you know what to buy.

  13. Chinodt

    I have another name for this! iPoo, You are welcome…

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