Spiral Ink Cartridge

Spiral Ink Cartridge

Innovative ballpoint cartridge holds twice as much ink, extends the life of your pen, and helps reduce plastic waste.

Efficient spiral ink cartridge for ballpoint pens designed by Kim Yeon-soo, Han Chi-hoon, Park Byong-gon, and Kim Sung-geun.

Spiral Ballpoint Pen

Spiral Ballpoint Ink Cartridge

Spiral Pen

Spiral Ink

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  1. Silas

    This is so clever! Why haven’t they implemented this before?

  2. Adam

    Really brilliant idea !! (Keep up the good work)

    One thing about to think it over: It would be better to use it for not a disposable/advertisement/single use pen. Because the pen’s (casing) life is generally shorter than the cartridge’s will.

  3. pTc

    Because buying another pen at 40p has been such an issue before.

  4. iluvgert

    Why don’t they just make the regular tube wider?

  5. Szymon

    Why not make the thing wider?

  6. Steven

    @ pTc: It hasn’t.
    But the amount of plastic waste is still a huge issue… and will be for thousands and thousands of years!

  7. Swiper Fox

    If you double its radius/diameter; you get 4x the volume of ink.

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