Electric Treadmill Bicycle

Electric Treadmill Bicycle

Walking bicycle designed by Bruin Bergmeester will help you get in shape and travel to any destination.

Treadmill on wheels. Lopifit bicycle uses the power of an electric motor to boost your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike.

Electric Treadmill Bike

Electric Walking Bike

Walking Bike

Treadmill Bicycle

Treadmill Bike


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  1. Pearl Lambie

    This is a great idea! Clean energy and low impact exercise all in one package!

  2. criticaleye

    Interesting idea, though it looks a bit ungainly. Maybe an industrial designer could freshen up its looks. Also, I wonder if walking on the treadmill provides current to the battery to extend its range.

  3. Jean-Marc

    It’s a very great idea
    I have another one, better, more simple and more cheap :

    You put a feet on the floor, and after, the other feet on the floor, and I think this new and incredible idea can make people go ahead
    (but it’s too innovated, I’m not sure this can be applied somewhere in the world… We must find an experimental place to test my idea (the real world?))

    Sometime, I like to drink a little, then I use a little glass
    and sometime, I like to drike a lot, then I use a big glass
    I have 1000 different glasses, with different capacity in each one.

    If someone discover how to half-drink or double-drink in a glass, I can have 4 less glasses !
    and if someone discover how to drink what fraction you went, and how often you went, I need only one glass..

    Walking on a machine, to walk, it’s only for 1000 glasses’s persons… it’s really the … funny/stupid/crazy/creepy/drinking idea I never see.

    the “inventor” need to sleep a lot’s more, to make his brain more functional.

    This “invention” are better then static treadmill, because you can “go” somewhere.
    But it’s really bad and really no-interest in comparison with walking or biking in the street, special methods to go somewhere only by using you body, your muscles.

  4. Bruce cobaugh

    Where can you purchase this at? Want one of those treadmill bikes

  5. Towner

    does it go uphill???

  6. Luis Gonzalez

    What’s the price and who sells them?

  7. Amit Kaila

    I wants to buy this bicycle. Hw can i buy???

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