AirPods Holders

AirPods Holders

Useful accessory will make sure that Apple wireless AirPods stay in your ears.

“AirPods Ear Securers” for iPhone 7 owners designed by Ben Ingignieri.

AirPods Ear Securers

Ben Ingignieri

AirPod Holders

Ben Ingignieri AirPods

Apple AirPods Holders

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  1. Critical Eye

    The designer has to come up with a better name. But it looks like a good, affordable, useful idea.

  2. pTc

    That name is rubbish.

    ‘AirClip’ is my contribution. I thank you.

  3. Dave

    Nice pTC!

  4. Ben

    Sorry, but my ears already serve this function. Solution searching for a problem to solve.

  5. KIM

    Is this design in the market? I mean is this real product on sale in websites?

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