Canvas Furniture

Canvas Furniture

Creative furniture designed by Japanese studio YOY can be hung on the wall and displayed as paintings when not in use.

Sofa, chair, and armchair painted on canvas transform into real furniture when they are leaned against the wall.

“Canvas Furniture” is made out of wood, metal, and elastic fabric.

YOY Canvas Furniture

Canvas Chair

Hanging Canvas Furniture

Canvas Chair

Canvas by YOY

Painting Furniture

Painting Chair

Canvas Sofa

Painting Sofa

Canvas Sofa

Canvas Armchair


YOY Canvas

Canvas Furniture by YOY

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  1. Barrie Hall


  2. Pearl Lamie

    Love this!

  3. Shilov

    Amazing concept! Where do I sign?

  4. Gert

    Doesn’t look like a lot of room for one’s bottom. Possibly not a good choice for a large man.

  5. John

    “So, this is my place!”
    “I like your art. Where’s your furniture?”
    “This is my furniture” *awkwardly perches in painting*

  6. Ru

    I’ve sat in one of these at a design show in London. It was actually okay, one you learn to trust it. But as anything more than a perch, it’s no good. You could not relax and read a book in that chair!

    Might be good for guests you want to leave quickly ;)

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