Tetris Furniture

Tetris Furniture

Modular furniture allows you to build your own unique and comfortable sofa out of oversizedĀ Tetris puzzle game pieces.

TAT-TrisĀ seating furniture designed by Gaen Koh for kids and fun adults.

Gaen Koh Tetris


Gaen Koh

TAT-Tris Furniture

Gaen Koh Furniture

Tetris Inspired Furniture

Gaen Koh Tetris Furniture

Tetris Block Furniture

Gaen Koh TAT-Tris

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Does it come with instruction manual on how to build different designs? Some people have no patience, logic, and imagination when building things?

  2. Don Joe

    I bought a set of these but when I stacked them the bottom row suddenly disappeared. Can’t recommend. These pillows also play a very annoying Russian melody which drives me crazy.

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