Snowball Vending Machine

Snowball Vending Machine

Vending machine located in Minnesota sells real hand-packed snowballs.

Minnesota Snowballs available for only $1. Get them while they’re cold!

Minnesota Snowballs

Snowball Vending Machine In Minnesota

Snowballs Vending Machine

Real Minnesota Snowballs

Snowball Machine

Snow Ball Vending Machine

Snow Ball Machine


Vending Machine In Minnesota

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  1. Ádám

    OMG… Next idea will be the “dark of the night” packed in a can.

  2. Von Maximo

    This epitomises the wasteful world we live in. Wrong, just wrong…

  3. eemke

    very stupid idea !

  4. eemke

    and the waste !! all those cans !

  5. Swiper Fox

    $1 snowballs… expensive.
    Did it have an expiration date?
    No refund if the would-be snowball victim dodged it.

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