Tent for Motorcycle Riders

Tent for Motorcycle Riders

Redverz Gear camping tents keep people and their motorcycles out of the elements and under one roof.

Expedition Tent comes with spacious garage bay that serves as a storage area, workshop area, sitting area for down-time, and a dressing room with enough height to stand up and change clothing.

Motorcycle Camping Tent

Expedition Tent


Redverz Gear Camping Tent

Tenere Expedition Tent

Redverz Gear Tent

Camping Tent

Biker Camping Tent

Motorcycle Tent

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  1. gunneos

    because the rain totally falls in one direction, no wind or anything ridiculous like that.

  2. sid

    Actually, it looks like you can close up the entire thing…

  3. Dominic

    I dont get the point of this.. cool though!

  4. Speedmaster

    Very cool, great idea.

  5. El Blaino

    I wonder how compact it folds up to. Depending, it might be great for bicyclists too

  6. pTc

    Soooo……it’s a tent with a taller entrance bit, or smaller sleeping bit. There are already tents available with the same thing.

  7. Darrell

    Like a little garage. Perty darn cool. :]

  8. tara

    any one that is in to extream sports would know off the bat that this is an amaizing thing aside from beeing weather replent the tent can hide this bike and keep it safe frome being stolen

  9. Yui

    I agree with tara, if you have ever camped before, you know the idea of “out of sight, out of mind” works ten-fold when there are fewer people and civilization around. This is amazing!

  10. Me

    Because tent-camping with bugs in your nose and rocks up your ass isn’t quiet uncomfortable enough. Let’s make it so you can smell gasoline and get oil dripped on you all night, too! XD

  11. Stanly Q

    Great concept!
    The nay-sayers obviously aren’t riders. Out of sight, out of mind and a dry seat in the morning are a great comfort. Besides, when you’re riding 14 – 16 hours in a day, does sleeping close to, and smelling your bike all night really bother anyone?

  12. Paul M

    Besides keeping the rain off both you and the bike (take care of your tools and they will take care of you) It will also keep the bike from being blown over in winds etc.. They are a great idea and personally i will purchase one when i go touring

  13. Harry

    What a great tent for camping in the UK with your bike.

  14. scott

    i think some of you guys are missing the point, one of the down sides of camping while touring on your bike is having to unload all the luggage and valuables off the bike every time you need to stop for the night, its a real pain in the arse if your not planning on staying there a couple of days.
    With this tent you can plan your trip so you only have to unload the tent and sleeping bag, wheel it in and then hit the hay with complete peace of mind, then you get up drop the tent load it up quick and away you go,
    over a week or 2it will save you hours and a lot of effort

  15. dan

    Can I order?
    In Canada? In BC?

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