Pencil vs Camera

Pencil vs Camera

Series of photos merged with drawings by talented Belgian artist Ben Heine.

Drawings Merged with Photographs

Drawing Merged with Photograph

Drawing Merged with Picture

Drawing Merged with Photo

Drawing vs Picture

Pencil vs Photo

Pencil vs Photograph

Drawing vs Photograph

Pencil vs Picture

Drawing vs Photo

For even more inspiration, check out part 1 and part 2 of this cool series.

  1. Sara


  2. eliza


  3. bart


  4. Reilly

    Awesome work here, as always.

  5. hoon

    all of these are great! i don’t really get the mario one..

  6. Yao

    Wow…beautifully drawn and very creative!!

  7. Utsi

    Love the last one……….

  8. Dominic

    LOL, amazing

  9. Jantra

    So creative! I love these.

  10. Aarti Harish

    Amazing…n creative work….!!!

  11. Longwittyusername

    This is great until you realize they take a photo of a blank piece of paper and fill it in later.

  12. Raads

    yep ‘longwittyusername’ is totally right– though that name is kinda weird……..

  13. may


  14. saraparelle

    these are boring/easy. maybe it would be more impressive in color? Also, the mario one doesn’t make sense. don’t see the illusion there.

  15. anahita


  16. Lisa

    Honestly people – have you become so jaded that you can’t appreciate someone’s art work? Photoshop and other art programs are an artistic tool just the same as a pencil or paint. Enjoy! Smile! Go do some art and maybe you will feel uplifted and not feel the need to cut down others work. :D

  17. Saracen

    Yeah, just because it is digital art doesn’t mean it’s bad art. Awesome pictures!

  18. Critical Eye

    @ Lisa: Well said. These images are fun. Though from a technical standpoint, I think some could use some refinement. In general, well done.

  19. cerulean

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using photoshop. There’s plenty of phenomenal digital work out there. I think the point with this is that it’s just not as challenging/interesting as it has the potential to be. It’s fun/neat though I guess.

    But I guess if I go do some art I will have nothing critical to say about anyone’s work? There’s nothing wrong with a little criticism. It helps people grow as artists. :D

  20. Kirvi Inci

    I think that now that we know how it was done, this series has sort of lost it’s appeal. Not that this makes it any less interesting, it is just that it seems like the same thing over and over.

  21. ivectory

    cool idea!

  22. Moura Aveirense

    The last one was taken in my city, Lisbon :)

  23. Adam Cooper

    My vote is for pencil. Digital cameras have made the camera over rated. The pencil is on a comeback friends.

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