Phone Holder Shower Curtain

Phone Holder Shower Curtain

Transparent shower curtain with clear pockets for your iPhone and Apple iPad.

Screenholder curtain allows people to watch, listen and control their phone or tablet in the shower. Waterproof and touch sensitive! [order]

Phone Holder Shower Curtain

iPad Shower Curtain

iPhone Holder Shower Curtain

iPhone Shower Curtain

iPad Holder Shower Curtain

Screenholder Shower Curtain

Apple Shower Curtain

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  1. Swiper Fox

    When low on battery, some fool will try to recharge it/them while in the shower… and later will kill them. Some young girl already died in a bathtub while charging her phone.
    Water, Electricity, Accidents, and Stupidity don’t mix.

  2. Guest

    Congrats. You can share taking shower process live with your followers. Another problem of humanbeing solved.

  3. Swiper Fox

    Somebody could override your gadget and get a LIVE-STREAM VIDEO of you while you shower.
    SMILE… you’re on Candid Camera.

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