iPhone Cup Holder

iPhone Cup Holder

Innovative case with retractable cup holder designed for iPhone owners who constantly send text messages, play games, and browse the internet.

Created by Amsterdam based company Natwerk, UpperCup iPhone case will free up your hands and hold coffee or tea cup of any size.

iPhone Cup Holder – No more one handed typing. No more spilled coffee.

iPhone Cupholder

iPhone Cup Holder Case

Cupholder iPhone Case

Cup Holder iPhone Case

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  1. Adam

    This is terrible. Seriously, PUT DOWN THE PHONE FOR FIVE MINUTES! Jeez!

  2. John

    This is ridiculously stupid idea. Weight of coffee makes grabbing the phone a pain.

  3. John Cline

    Some will no doubt want to use it while driving. YIKES!!

  4. Jahangir

    Agree with @Adam here, just put your phone down for five minutes.

    I don’t understand why many new ideas like this come up every day where you always hold your phone?

  5. Gert

    Oh yah… nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong….

  6. Erkut

    How exactly does it solve the problem drinking and using the phone at the same time as it mentioned on video? Because I have seen no solution for that. :D

  7. Snufkin

    This is dumb…

  8. Masteroche


  9. Jake givens

    Shut up and take my money!! America!!

  10. SH.james

    Stupid hipster things he is awesome while he’s struggeling holding his iphone cuz the filled cup is actually to havy for it to be actually be usefull. Hipsters…… Sigh!

  11. Max

    Why does this exist? This is the exact opposite of what design should be. Shame on you.

  12. Karen

    You can’t even drink from it without the potential to spill it on your phone and the weight of the drink will make it fall. Repeatedly. Taking your phone with it.

    Also, let’s assume I like this idea for one second, what if you want to hold your phone the other way?

  13. Jane

    And here I’ve been texting with one hand and holding my coffee in the other like a sucker!

  14. @wilfergue

    I think this is great for Iphone slaves. For me, is something I will never use. I enjoy the little moments drinking a cup of coffe.

  15. s

    So am I supposed to message with the feeling that I am holding a HUGE heavy bleh in my hands?

    Sorry, but bad one!

  16. sam

    hope you wouldn’t take a shower with coffee while answering an emergency call.

  17. Larry

    Somebody needs to get a life!

  18. J

    suppose someone rings you when you’ve got a cup of coffee there and you don’t have your ear-piece…

  19. mahmud

    Such a rubbish idea, how will it change or increase productivity in life?

  20. Joe

    I’m waiting for it to go full circle and the iphone holder will have a chair and become a desktop computer again.

  21. Matt

    Whatever, this is so pointless

  22. Rob

    Looks cool until you have to use it. Kinda like the toddler cup with a snow globe in it that my mom got my kids. It looked cool until my kids started shaking the snow globe and got juice everywhere.

  23. AJ

    This is an SNL skit right?

  24. aokiharu


  25. NIcé

    Just need a straw. But straw doesn’t come with the holder. too bad HAHA.

  26. Sian

    What if when you’re typing the movement causes the cup to fall? If it spills then it’s bye bye IPhone.

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