12 Useful iPad Accessories

12 Useful iPad Accessories

This post showcases the most creative and innovative accessories that you can purchase for your iPad.

iPad Hanfree Stand

Hands free stand makes using the iPad more fun and comfortable.

iPad Hanfree Stand

iPad Arcade Cabinet

Beautifully retro-styled tabletop arcade cabinet for your Apple iPad.

iPad Arcade Cabinet

iPad Steering Wheel Mount

Apple iPad is perfectly sized to mount on a steering wheel without obscuring the driver’s view of the road.

iPad Stabile Stand

Fastest, easiest to use, and the most stable stand for the iPad.

iPad Bag

Assero Protector is a convertible back/front slim-pack for your iPad.

iPad Bag

iPad Keyboard Case

Stylish iPad case with embedded Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

iPad Keyboard Case

iPad Pillow

ePillow allows you to use your iPad comfortably in any environment.

iPad Pillow

iPad Paintbrush

Nomad Brush features soft and flexible bristles made from natural and conductive fibers. Perfect tool for drawing on the iPad.

iPad Paintbrush

iPad Bike Mount

Why not attach an iPad and a set of speakers to your bicycle?

iPad Bike Mount

iPad Pants

Kitanica Tactical pants come with a large back pocket for the iPad.

iPad Pants

iPad Arcade Stick

Add a physical joystick to your iPad for enhanced gaming precision.

iPad Arcade Stick

iPad HandStand

This useful product allows you to hold your iPad with one hand.

iPad HandStand

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  1. Corey

    the joysticks are so classic!

  2. anonymous194

    WHY would you need a steering wheel mount? If you were sitting in the driver’s seat and your hands were busy, wouldn’t you be oh, I DON’T KNOW, DRIVING??

    I don’t see how a lot of these are safe/necessary… Most of the time, the only reason they need a stand is because they’re doing something that they shouldn’t be multitasking with…

    The brush is cool though.

  3. Caroline

    The iPad steering wheel mount has to be a joke, right?

    Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to give a person full access to their iPad while they’re driving?!

  4. Taz

    Some of these would make you look like a complete asshat. Get that iPad out your car, off your bike, out your pants, and siddown with it.

  5. Danyell

    Oh, well, thank goodness the iPad won’t obscure your view of the road…the road that you’re not looking at…because you’re dicking around on your iPadOHMYGOD a SEMI! *crash*

    Seriously, what is WRONG with people?

    And those pants are just silly.

  6. Aggi

    Lol, I agree…the stand seems useful enough and the arcade stand is fun looking but the reverse baby backpack from Assero would indeed make you look like an asshat, even with shades on. The paintbrush is great if it works well and hopefully the Ipad will become pressure sensitive, ‘Wacom style’ and brushes etc will be a whole new market and oh so useful for the artist/designer.
    …only part trolling :)

  7. kadal

    paint brush n arcade cabinet…..best

  8. iz

    this should be called “12 Useless Life Distractions”

  9. Tia

    Because you know, mounting your iPad to you’re steering wheel is SO safe…

  10. gunneos

    Keyboard FTW. Brush in second place. I seem to remember something made for some other gadget to mount on the steering wheel as well. The argument was that they were supposed to use it while they were parked. *shrugs*

  11. Heidi


  12. Ti at Cafe

    Brush is brilliant.
    Steering wheel and bike mount, watch the two crash into each other.

  13. corwinsr

    Apparently half you wads live in the city and don’t drive cars.
    I drive a lot – many people do who live in the suburbs – and several times a week I find myself taking my lunch or breakfast in the car. That’s just one example.

    Long drives at rest stops are another useful place. Waiting for kids at school, at band practice or sports practices or the skate park.

    If you go to the mall or store and decide you’d rather wait in the car while your friend or family member gets what they need.

    All of those occasions make it helpful and useful to have a steering wheel mount.

    Of course it’s not for when you’re driving. If you had thought about it for more than half a second you might have figured that out.

  14. Darrell

    Some of this stuff”s really cool. Some of it’s really dumb..
    When I first saw the “iPad Hanfree Stand,” it looked like there was water shooting out of the iPad like a fountain for a second. HAHA Im such an idiot.

  15. Rob

    If you only use the Ipad when parked then why not just hold it?

  16. Rob

    pants would be cool if it was a side pocket or a front pocket but occasionally I would like to sit down.

  17. Pete

    Ok, the steering wheel mount site “about” page has a patent link. That links to duct tape, so it must be a fake. I was duped. I’m really glad that isn’t real.

  18. Vitaliy

    @Pete: I was about to jump on the this-is-so-stupid train. Glad you checked out their site.. the patented design is hilarious :)

    Somehow, knowing that it’s fake makes me feel a bit better about the world we live in.

  19. Shirley

    I think the bike mount is really only intended for listening to itunes or the radio. However, I do agree that the steering wheel mount is very distracting. Unless you’re using it as a map, there really is no purpose.

    iPad pants = absolutely ridiculous… at least put the pocket on the side or in the front

    I think the iPad paintbrush is definitely the best. =]

  20. Bob

    When did useful turn into a synonym for pointless and hilarious? Let’s go down the list shall we:

    A stand for the iPad – Ok, this one is actually moderately useful. The one cumbersome thing about these stands however is that it fixes the iPad to 1 position. Now if it were to actually hop around like in the video… Not to mention that it’s a real strain on your arms if you have to work with the screen infront of your face rather than on your lap

    The arcade cabinet – Fair enough, fun for a while but 0 practicality and probably gets boring after a while. A collector’s item maybe? But without the iPad in it it’s just a plastic box. And I doubt anyone will use this as a permanent storage for their iPad.

    iPad Steering wheel mount – Yes, put a giant screen on your steering wheel full of funny icons that won’t distract you while driving at all! And to those saying it’s not for during driving… Then what is it for? A fancy plastic stand to use for all those hours upon hours you spend in your car standing still, that you couldn’t possibly cover using just your limbs?

    Table stand – See first item. Affixes the iPad to 1 position. IMO the default Apple iPad cover does pretty much the same thing, is very flexible in combination with other desk accessoires, yet retains easy mobility.

    iPad bag – Pointing out the retardedness of this seems rather unneccessary, right? Can you picture yourself like this in public transport?

    iPad keyboard – Why people want to use a keyboard for their iPad as opposed to the standard iPad keyboard, which I can tell from experience is perfectly suitable to anyone who can type blindly. And if you can’t, you’re probably used to taking your time in typing messages anyway.

    ePillow – Because normal pillows just don’t cut it, do they.

    Brush – The one item in this list that has no real silliness to it. If it works, good for the designer folk, cause I agree painting with the finger is cumbersome.

    iPad Bike mount – Have you guys seen the ammount of reflection on the iPad screen, not to mention added reflection from a type of cover? It’s not for outside usage. Not got this problem when it’s clouded and dark? Doesn’t really sound like a time you want to be riding your bike around for lengthy timespan.

    Backpocket for iPad? I think Apple services is gonna have a hell of a time fixing all those destroyed iPads from those who accidentally sat on it. Not to mention it looks like you crapped your pants.

    Joysticks – Seriously, what’s the whole point of this. The idea is that touchscreen removes the need for stuff like this. And it does this pretty well mind you.

    The iPad handstand – This product allows you to hold your iPad with one hand. You know what other product allows you to hold your iPad with one hand? Your hand!

    Seriously, most if not all of these products rapidly turn our human race into those fat people aboard the spaceship in Disney’s Wall-E. Not to mention they’re a huge money sink.

  21. Az

    Lol at bob

    “The iPad handstand – This product allows you to hold your iPad with one hand. You know what other product allows you to hold your iPad with one hand? Your hand”

    haha this made me laugh – so true

  22. Braids

    The iPad steering wheel mount has potential I think. Obviously not while driving. I am a tradie who travels a lot and receives heaps of email. I want a steering wheel mount for when I am parked and am reading emails or replying etc. it would work well with the wireless keyboard

  23. Ivander

    I have one ipad joystick, it’s from thinkgeek

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