Wigs for Cats

Wigs for Cats

Glamorous and stylish wigs designed specifically for cats by Julie Jackson.

Kitty Wigs are fun pet accessories that are perfect for creative photo sessions. Available in different colors. [order Cats in Wigs book]

Cat in a Wig

Cat Wig

Kitty Wig

Kitten Wig

Cat Wigs

Kitten Wigs

Kitty is a Wig

Kitty Wigs

For more inspiration, check out: Daydreaming Cat Photography

  1. Diego

    ajajaja it reminds to lady gaga! xD i loved it!

  2. Lilia Smiles

    @Diego, yeah totally like Lady Gaga and it also reminds me of Katy Perry’s hair too!

  3. Immelmann

    Neighbors not convinced you’re crazy yet? We here at Wigs4Cats can help make your fantasy a reality.

  4. meow

    I love cats but this is kinda weird.

  5. Liz

    Cats aren’t even supposed to have hair!

  6. Liberian

    Those cat models are so skinny…

  7. Gert

    Wait, cats aren’t supposed to have hair? Last time I checked, my cat is COVERED in the stuff. As is my couch… my bed… my lounge chair… my office equipment… my cloths… my floor…

  8. Dominic

    Havent laughed like this in a while

  9. mongolians

    look like NICKI MINAJ

  10. Douglas

    So cute – anyone seen my squirt gun?

  11. Shandya

    Oh look that’s Nicky Minaj! And Rihanna! And Katy Perry! And Lady Gaga!

  12. Cote


  13. tt

    these cats …hate everything right now.

  14. kahlie

    I… I just… Why? Why? I’m confused, and sad, and feel uncomfortable. It’s funny, but not funny enough to merit a half-smile. I… I just… Why?

  15. flatsolid

    These photos provide us with adequate and solid evidence that the animal called cat (felis catus) is in fact a creature of devilish descent and should be expelled from every respectful home.

  16. Jantra

    hahaha oh my god this is so wrong

  17. Lily

    the cat on the last picture with da blue hair reminds me of Stocking from PASWG

  18. ana

    i hope all of them are female..lol, if one of them are male cat..bet, he must be grumpy..

  19. James

    Gert would be a cat lady..

  20. Enrico Martinez

    Cat-atonic, ain’t it?

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