Straight Line Drawing Tool

Straight Line Drawing Tool

Wheel attachment for pens and pencils helps draw perfectly straight lines.

“Constrained Ball” – straight lines drawing tool designed by Giha Woo.

Straight Line Pencil Tool

Constrained Ball

Straight Line Pen Tool

Straight Line Tool

Giha Woo Constrained Ball

Straight Lines Drawing Tool

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  1. Patrick McGinty

    There is a reason why draftsmen use a parallel bar, t-square, triangle or ruler to brace a mechanical pencil on. Having been a draftsman, I feel I can draw long lines faster and more accurately with a pencil and parallel bar than with a pencil with a pivoting wheel attached that has nothing from stopping the pencil from rotating while drawing.

  2. Shilov

    Just dont see how this will help draw straight lines. There is nothing to ensure the pencil moves in a straight line, the wheel just goes long with wherever you’re drawing!

  3. Adam Vesztergom

    Hey Mr.Woo,
    Did you ever tried this, or modeled it in physical/reality? Can you please explain me how to draw a straight line with this device? I can tell you this should work on the virtual/designer desk only but sure not in reality. OTHER: Why some models has no display on it? I guess those are Bluetooth ones, and they inform the user through an earphone… whilst they are generating the required power/energy from the wheel spin.

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