Finger Camera

Finger Camera

Innovative camera designed by Yeon Su Kim allows people to frame and take real photos with their fingers.

No need for a traditional camera, simply bend you finger to take a picture.

Images and videos will be wirelessly transferred to your phone.

Camera lens, shutter trigger, and Bluetooth are built into two clear rings.

Air Clicker

Air Clicker Camera

Air Clicker

Yeon Su Kim

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  1. dahliana


  2. basel

    how can you properly frame a picture if the camera ring is not fixed and can rotate around your thumb?

  3. Pearl Lamie

    i WANT!

  4. Gert

    oo… spy stuff!

  5. Jimmy

    Seem nice but there are too many problems for this idea, how is it powered?, can you adjust the cam and how? It looks like a futuristic idea for a movie tho! :D

  6. Fakhri Dirgantara

    i agree with jimmy. if it has a small battery, will it be enough for a full day of use?

  7. MGjw

    Well, if the idea was to lessen the burden of holding heavy camera or camcoder, why the fuss with camera holding pose and all? why not just do something much natural like making a V with fingers to take photo.

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