Grass Leaf Pens

Grass Leaf Pens

Nature inspired pens designed by ZEUP look like realistic leaves of grass.

Beautiful plant made out of creative leaf pens will look great on any desk.

The body of each pen is crafted out of silicone that is easy to grip.

Available in forest green, spring green, and yellow green.

Decorate your office with unique and eye-catching grass leaf pens.


Grass Leaf Pen

Grass Pens

Grass Pen


Pooleaf Grass Leaf Pens

Leaf Pen

Leaf Pens

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  1. @

    Nice! I don’t know how much a whole vase of them would cost though… But they look cool

  2. Pavel

    children will enjoy…

  3. Snufkin

    … and cats ^^

  4. Mark

    Oh great, now I have to water and mow my pens! LOL. Just kidding. Cool!

  5. Swiper Fox

    A Flower Pen may (or may not) go nicely with the Grass Leaf Pen. Anyway, its just an idea for the inventor :-)

  6. Cuong77

    i like it

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