Staircase Handrail Chair

Stairs Handrail Rest Chair

Brilliant and innovative staircase design features a rest chair integrated into the end of each handrail.

Many tall residential buildings are still not equipped with elevators and older people need to take a break during the process of climbing stairs.

By modifying existing stairs handrails, we can create rest stations where tired people can sit down, relax, and rest for a while.

“Rest for a While” staircase handrail chair designed by Shenzhen Jinwei Innovation Design Company.

Staircase Handrail Chair

Rest for a While Stairs

Staircase Handrail Rest Chair

Rest for a While Staircase

Stairs Handrail Chair

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  1. Patrick McGinty

    The center return railing shown here is not in conformance with ADA 505.3.
    1) 505.3 Continuity. “Handrails shall be continuous within the full length of each stair flight or ramp run. Inside handrails on switchback or dogleg stairs and ramps shall be continuous between flights or runs”.
    2) The corner of the ‘seat’ portion projects into the egress path and could be considered a tripping hazard.
    3) Required guards shall not have openings that allow passage of a sphere 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter. (Guards made of vertical bars in excess of 4″ are shown.)
    4) Adding this ‘seat’ to an existing landing would require a review of the required exit pathway dimension to see if it can accomodate the additional space taken up.
    5) Consult with a registered architect or engineer before proceeding with this.
    6) Because this affects an exit component, it will require review and approval by the local building department.

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