Folding Staircase

Folding Staircase

Innovative stairs designed to be folded flat against the wall when not in use.

Folding ladder inspired compact staircases and stairs made of renewable, sustainably sourced Bamboo for small homes and milti-level apartments.

Brilliant space-saving and sideway folding furniture design by Bcompact.

Foldable Stairs


Bcompact Folding Staircase

Bcompact Folding Stairs

Bcompact Stairs

Folding Stairs

Foldable Staircase

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  1. bastwren

    What a great idea! One of those “It’s about time” things that is very helpful to people in cramped situations. Plus, it is made from sustainably-sourced bamboo, making it even better.

    Thank you for continuing to update your site. I always love to see the new things you post.

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