School Without Classrooms

School Without Classrooms

Modern school designed by Rosan Boschin is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Classrooms were replaced with open spaces that encourage collaboration and interaction. Students can freely move around the environment.

Unique school is filled with colorful furniture, learning zones, tables, and workstations. There is even a small movie theater for presentations.

Children are taught in small groups. Every student has a laptop computer.

Vittra Telefonplan school promotes creativity and embraces innovative teaching methods.

Vittra School in Sweden

Classroom of the Future

Vittra School by Rosan Bosch

Modern Classroom

Innovative Classroom

Innovative School

Schools in Sweden

Modern School

Classroom Free School

School in Sweden

Vittra School

Vittra Telefonplan

Futuristic School

Cool School

School of the Future

Creative School

Unique School

School Without Walls

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  1. Nisa Zul

    sometimes, this thing works more than stuck in the class which make everyone sleepy & bored.

  2. Joe

    Interesting idea.

    Still can’t get over the fact that I was playing with LEGO when I was the age of these kids on laptops.

  3. Douglas

    It failed for the kids but was deemed architectural brilliance by the administrative staff. Even paid bonuses despite the kids wondering WTF. Never mind kids, the adults need to have professional bounses and empty accolades. You’ll understand someday as an adult or maybe you get it now and can cut the crap.
    Gov’t at any level means fraud and waste.

  4. Julie Stephens

    “Classrooms were replaced with open spaces that encourage collaboration and interaction. Students can freely move around the environment.

    “Children are taught in small groups. Every student has a laptop computer.”

    My kids already have that– it’s called “homeschooling” :) I guess I just need to paint my furniture…

  5. Lilia Smiles

    Don’t know how well it would work with older kids

  6. Gert

    Yah this is fine until you have a kid with an attention span issue…. It would be better to set up small classrooms this way. I see nothing but distractions for any kid with ADHD or Dyslexia.

    Also wouldn’t it get loud? How do you focus to take tests? If someone gets a question wrong does the WHOLE school now laugh at you instead of just your classmates?

  7. A$ap

    Kids need a perspective and rules. While this looks like fun, i think it offers too much freedom. Not sure if that is necessary at such a young age.

  8. Karen

    This works until a certain age… after a while you just have to buck up, sit for 6 hours and learn.

  9. Metatron

    Not bad idea, but they should teach them…
    I cant see a teacher there. Or teacher is communicating with them via skype?

    There is not a single flower. Isnt that strange?

  10. nanobelle

    Funny how rigidity seems more important than flow. Why do people need to suck all the joy out of things before they deem it appropriate or functional? I’d rather have a creative person on my problem solving team because limitations or diversity of materials would inspire rather than frustrate them. Someone who has to stick to closely to old ideas or structures is usually too limited and frightened be of much use. ‘We’ve never done it that way’ is their mantra. If anything isn’t perfect about a new idea they’d throw the whole thing out rather than work on it and give it equal time for evolution.

  11. K

    I doubt that these kids were just dropped off and left free to run around. There was probably some structure, and it says they were taught in small groups. I’m guessing that there are probably ‘study zones’ and ‘play zones’, and the computers are probably locked for school work only. There are probably also time tables, with mandatory work/lunch/play time.

    I think that will the proper guidelines, this is a great idea. I did poorly in the school system, as all my class sizes were extremely large and I didn’t get extra help when I needed it, so I think this might work well for someone who had a learning style like I did. You move at your own pace with the computer, and ask a teacher for extra help when it is needed, and you won’t have to worry about interrupting during class or not having time.

  12. Alex

    I would have gotten zero work done. And yeah, I’m all for technology but putting a laptop in the hands of an elementary school student to stare at all day and learn from seems wrong to me still.

  13. Machine

    I see only some slight disadvantages

    – Noise of other people & classes
    – Attention of the pupils
    – Artificial Environment, why not a garden? On sunny days.

    Otherwise, great concept, expandable!

  14. Patrick

    1. Misleading photos of preschool individuals or small study groups in quiet environments. These are not classes being taught. Not a teacher in sight (except in the video). The student per square foot ratio is extraordinary.
    2. It is the old “open classroom” concept repackaged. I know a school district that is putting up walls where “open classrooms” once occurred.
    3. When multiple classes of 30 or more occur, it gets too noisy and distracting for learning.
    4. This is not a realistic concept for school systems that are having funding problems.

  15. Betty

    I have to wonder how many of the folks who have responded to this post where educated in a traditional school setting?
    I ask because most have responded in various degrees, like individuals who have been indoctrinated, brainwashed, into thinking that a quiet classroom is where children learn best–it is–if what is being “taught” is the lock-step factory issued curriculum of traditional school systems.
    However, if the idea is to produce creative, independent thinking, well socialized minds, then an environment that supplies many options for all types of personalities, learning styles, development paces is more likely to do so. Children are hard wired to learn–it’s automatic–less “teaching” is required than you might think. Traditional schooling blocks the natural urge to learn, bottles it up, discourages exploration and stymies the mind in it’s commitment, not to learning but to tests, statistics and averages.

  16. Fillibert

    I don’t see a single fat kid

  17. LIES

    How does this encourage collaboration when nearly ever kid in every picture is on a laptop?

  18. Luna

    As a teacher I have to agree with Betty. We were taught that sitting quietly in rows and listening to the teacher is the way learning occurs. Teachers today are less and less the bearers of knowledge, but adults who guide children to greater understanding via inquiry. The children in this video may all be shown looking at computer screens, but I guarantee you that they are discussing/sharing what they create and discover with their classmates. This sharing is the real locus of learning, not direct teacher to student ‘lessons’. Besides, I’m sure there are times when the group gathers for more structured discussion. I love the fact that there are different spaces for children to get away from others. I always feel bad for my students, crammed into a tiny classroom with hard chairs and aesthetically unappealing spaces because of the limitations imposed by the department of education. As for children with AD/HD (as well as others), I have found that providing time to move as well as computer time promotes rather than hinders learning. None of this means that structure is completely absent, it’s just in a different form.

  19. nanobelle

    Luna, you make some very good points- especially in regards to children with attention difficulties. As a teacher in early childhood education I have found that some children focus better after bouts of activity and movement. The fact is that children have different learning styles and deserve the opportunity to use them.

  20. Gabriel Tozarin

    I really loved, this school is the best school i’ve ever seen.

  21. bsmk

    I like it. Very cool.

  22. Manye

    I’m a bit surprised that there are so many negative comments here. This is a brilliant idea. There are so many children out there in need of this type of education. Instead, they are stuck in a school system where they cannot thrive.
    I wish we had more schools like this.

  23. Arumos

    this situation will gives creative mind to both students and the teacher. i think with a school like this (also) needs a creative curriculum.
    I dream to have a school, and i think this school is awesome.

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