Vertical Bicycle Parking Locker

Vertical Bicycle Parking Locker

Innovative bicycle parking system, called “B-Cocoon”, has been developed in Japan to provide a safe and quick storage for bikes.

It is a solid locker that allows cyclists to park their bikes securely while they rest or sightsee.

The “B-Cocoon” is an hourly parking locker that is available to registered members through a dedicated app.

Bicycle parking locker uses vertical wall-mounted bike rack designed by Adventure Aid. The lockers can also store helmets and baggage.

Say goodbye to traditional bike racks and hello to the “B-Cocoon” – the ultimate solution for bike storage.

Bicycle Parking Locker

Bicycle Bike Locker

B-Cocoon Vertical Bicycle Parking Locker


Vertical Bike Parking Locker

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