Multifunctional Packing Tape

Multifunctional Packing Tape

Informative packing tape with useful measurements printed on it can be used to wrap up boxes and cut up into helpful stickers for makers and designers.

Who knew packing tape could be so versatile? Multifunctional tape designed by Oscar Lhermitte is the ultimate tool.

You get two rolls of tape. One roll has a ruler and protractor printed on it, while the other features useful information about paper sizes, font sizes, and other important measurements.

Use the tape made of high quality vinyl to pack boxes or cut it into small pieces to use as stickers wherever you need them.

Useful Packing Tape

Multifunctional Packaging Tape

Oscar Lhermitte Tape

Tape Stickers

Tape Sticker

Oscar Lhermitte Packing Tape

Packing Tape Sticker

Packing Tape Stickers

Packing Tape by Oscar Lhermitte

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