Packing Tape Sculptures

Packing Tape Sculptures

Unique tape sculptures created by talented American artist Mark Jenkins.

People, toys, and objects were wrapped in plastic wrap and multiple layers of packing tape. Then, created 3D sculptures were carefully separated from the models and installed in different cities.

Packing Tape Sculpture

Tape Sculptures

Tape Sculpture

Packing Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

Tape Art by Mark Jenkins

Packing Tape Art

Roll Tape Sculptures

Packing Tape Sculpture by Mark Jenkins

Packing Tape Street Art

Tape Art

Tape Street Art

Tape Sculpture by Mark Jenkins

Tape Sculptures by Mark Jenkins

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  1. Nisa Zul


  2. Max

    Great, I love its activistic use. I really like the sperm-garbage bin combo

  3. Betty

    This one’s got a bit of a sense of homour!

  4. erwin

    great work, love the humor in these

  5. Sharyn

    They really look like ice sculptures, I’m really surprised more people weren’t going up to it and touching it.

    They’re so fun and creative, I couldn’t pick a favourite.

  6. Gert

    Clever idea. I think I might ‘borrow’ the hanging ladies one for my next Halloween decorations. :D

  7. mi

    LOVE THESE!!!!

  8. Chad

    Very cool and I love his mischievous sense of humor. The merry-go-round horses are particularly impressive.

  9. kadal

    all of them was awesome…..especially the hanging ladies and the sperm

  10. E

    Like the humor and creativity on this work :)

  11. MM

    Brilliant, very creative!

  12. Karen

    There is so much skill involved here! I have a hard time handling tape for just taping things. I can’t imagine creating these things with it!

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