Lunar Lander Coffee Machine

Lunar Lander Coffee Machine

Futuristic capsule-based coffee machine features cool Lunar Lander design inspired by the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

DUOBO Lunar Lander shaped coffee machine designed by LG Labs offers simultaneous two-shot blending for infinite flavor recipes.

Explore a world of possibilities as you mix Nespresso original capsules.

The accompanying smart app allows precise control of temperature and pressure, empowering users to craft their distinctive blends.

Houston, we have coffee! Courtesy of DUOBO, the space-age coffee machine that’s turning coffee brewing into an interstellar art form.

Coffee meets the cosmos. Taste the universe with innovative space inspired coffee machine that is out of this world!

Apollo 11 Coffee Machine

Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Coffee Machine

DUOBO Coffee Machine

DUOBO Lunar Lander Coffee Machine

LG DUOBO Lunar Lander Coffee Machine

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