Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Innovative alarm clock designed by Joshua Renouf will gently wake you up with delicious smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Simply prepare / refill milk, sugar, and water before you go to sleep and the Barisieur alarm clock will brew you a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

Subtle movement of steel balls welcomes you into the day and boils the water through induction heating. Alarm clock for coffee lovers.

The Barisieur

Coffee Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock

Joshua Renouf Barisieur

Coffee Maker

Alarm Clock Coffee Brewer

Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

Alarm Clock Coffee

The Barisieur


Barisieur Coffee Maker

Barisieur Alarm Clock

Josh Renouf

Joshua Renouf

Josh Renouf Alarm Clock

Joshua Renouf Alarm Clock

Easy to Clean

Josh Renouf Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Joshua Renouf Coffee Brewer

Joshua Renouf Coffee Making Alarm Clock

Josh Renouf Barisieur

Coffee in Bed

Josh Renouf Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

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  1. Margery

    First I thought: great, I want one. Then I thought: glass, next to bed, likely to get whacked by a pillow or sleepy person reaching out to stop alarm and forgetting what’s there. Or struck during, you know, other bed activities.

  2. criticaleye

    Not very elegant looking, but the idea is great.

  3. Noni

    Cool idea in concept but I would not want to get scolded by boiling water when trying to shut off the alarm clock.
    There are timer based coffee makers for the kitchen.

  4. Gert

    I would totally buy this if I didn’t have cats… and kids…

  5. Dave

    interesting design but, quite impractical. Possibly dangerous for heavy sleepers. Reach for the snooze button and…ow!!! Now you’ve got to go to hospital.
    On second thought, that would surely wake you up. So, not that impractical after all.

  6. Jose

    Um….don’t they have coffee makers with timers on them? This seems really pointless and probably an over-priced item to add to a hipster collection.

  7. nanobelle

    This word hipster- I do not think it means what you think it means. Avant-garde people buy art because it is a compliment to human expressionism- not to impress people. If you fail to be impressed by an attempt at ingenuity, doesn’t that make you a hipster?

  8. Thunder

    Does it have a snooze button?

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