Arma Scooter in a Suitcase

Arma Scooter in a Suitcase

Foldable electric scooter designed to fit into a laptop-sized backpack makes your daily commute effortlessly smooth.

Weighing only 10 pounds, it is the epitome of portable urban mobility.

Quickly transition from carry-mode to ride-mode in 30 seconds, and enjoy a range of up to 9.3 miles on swappable lithium-ion batteries.

Say goodbye to parking hassles and hello to a seamless, convenient commute with Arma Scooter.

Arma Scooter batteries recharge fully in just 2 hours via USB Type-C.

Suitcase E-Scooter

Arma by Shimizu

E-Scooter in Laptop-sized Suitcase

Arma Scooter

Backpack E-Scooter

Suitcase-sized Scooter

E-Scooter in a Backpack

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