Pluto POD Travel Pillow

Pluto POD Travel Pillow

Wearable travel pillow offers structured, padded neck and chin support, a built-in eye mask for tranquility, and incredible portability.

Pluto POD Travel Pillow ensures a peaceful, restful journey, even in noisy or bright environments, all while being easy to pack and carry.

Discover a new level of neck support with the Pluto POD Travel Pillow.

It’s like a cozy neck brace minus the discomfort.

No more waking up with a stiff neck on long flights!

Experience quality sleep wherever you go with the Pluto POD Pillow.

Your neck, chin, and privacy are all taken care of. Sweet dreams!

POD Pillow

Pluto POD

Pluto POD Pillow

Pluto Travel Pillow

POD Travel Pillow

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