Street Art by Brad Downey

Street Art by Brad Downey

American street artist Brad Downey plays with the environment and creates unique art installations on the sidewalks of different cities.

Eye-catching street art consists of colorful graffiti, clever sculptures, and brilliant chalk drawings. Brad Downey lives and works in Berlin.


Street Art

Sand Castle

Brilliant Street Art

The Mess

Clever Street Art by Brad Downey

Bike Parked in Concrete Sidewalk

Art by Brad Downey

Traffic Signs

Street Sign Art

Take A Seat

Creative Street Art by Brad Downey


Creative Fountain

Palette Stack

Street Artist Brad Downey


Creative Street Art

House of Cards

Public Art by Brad Downey

Cart Stack

Clever Street Art

Paving Stone Wedge

Amazing Street Art

Ignore This Sign

Urban Street Art

Cloud Pulled by Airplane

Brad Downey

Statue with Magnets

American Artist Brad Downey

The Perfect Throw

Berlin Street Art

Broken Bike Lane

Urban Street Art by Brad Downey

This is How We Roll

Awesome Street Art

Cool Street Art by Brad Downey

Cool Street Art


Artist Brad Downey

Brick Wall

Controversial Street Art

Modern Street Art

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  1. Jury

    a lot of interesting ideas

  2. Matt

    Awesome, love these! Really creative, really fun

  3. cole


  4. Fillibert

    perfect throw?

  5. Barclay Montana

    I find all these absolutely incredible.

  6. Goobly

    I don’t understand the cloud one.

  7. Handoko

    the plane pull some flag with clound painting inside, so it looks like it take the cloud with the plane

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