Leaf Art

Leaf Art

Intricate works of art carved into leaves by Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran.

Creative leaf art was commissioned by Leagas Delaney for international advertising campaign that encourages people to plant trees.

“Every leaf traps CO2″ that is produced by cars, factories, and planes.

Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet Leaf Carving

Lorenzo Duran

Every leaf traps CO2

Lorenzo Duran Plant for the Planet

Plant for the Planet Leaf Art

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  1. Ahmet Uzun

    Patience and talent in this art work is really admirable.

  2. Nisa Zul

    love them!

  3. Gert

    very cool message. I like it.

  4. kadal

    how and with what kind of tool did he done those, i wonder….
    but that’s soo beautifull….

  5. Rattanak

    Wow, that’s really admirable.

  6. woops

    Great. Now make leave-shape fumes.

  7. Libeerian

    Leafs me breathless.

  8. Jorge Cajina

    Excelente, la creatividad no tiene limites.

  9. Georgie

    Woa, did you see the size of that leaf?!

  10. ajay

    Awesome Dear Nice Message with lot’s of passions & admirable skill………..

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