12 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks

12 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks

Creative and unusual alarm clock designs that will spice up your morning.

Clocky Alarm Clock

Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once. [link]

Clocky Alarm Clock

Shape Up Alarm Clock

This dumbbell-style alarm clock wants to start your day off right! Just set the alarm and in the morning it will buzz until you’ve done 30 reps. [link]

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Pillow Alarm Clock

The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light. This substrate also functions as a display, showing the time on the surface of the pillow. [link]

Pillow Alarm Clock

glo Pillow Alarm Clock

Smash Alarm Clock

The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock.

Smash Alarm Clock

iSleep Alarm Clock

When you close your laptop, iSleep pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings. [link]

iSleep Alarm Clock

Pull Handle Alarm Clock

To set the alarm you simply pull down the handle to the designated time remaining. The alarm will sound once the handle reaches the top and a simple tap on the LCD screen will shut it off.

Pull Handle Alarm Clock

Directors Edition Alarm Clock

Unusual director’s clapper-board shaped alarm clock. Set the alarm to anytime you want, and when it rings, use the clapper and clip the board to stop the alarm. [link]

Directors Edition Alarm Clock

Bacon Alarm Clock

Creative alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of bacon. [link]

Bacon Alarm Clock

Paper Alarm Clock

Conceptual alarm clock based on digital paper. To switch the alarm off, just scrunch it up.

Paper Alarm Clock

Gun Operated Alarm Clock

Old NES light gun was modified with tilt switches to control a vintage digital clock radio. When the alarm wakes you up, grab the gun and kill it off!

Gun Operated Alarm Clock

Silent Alarm Clock

Conceptual alarm clock that wakes you up without any sound. Each person wears a wireless ring with an integrated vibration device that generates a tactile alarm.

Silent Alarm Clock

Carpet Alarm Clock

If you want to turn the alarm off, you have to get up and step on it. [link]

Carpet Alarm Clock

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  1. telisha

    wow! so creative!! luving the gun thing… awesum stuff!

  2. tasarhane


  3. Lorraine

    Cool. I like the carpet alarm clock. You have to get up then!

  4. jassi

    awesome….i like the vibration clock….cool..

  5. Om Ipit

    awesome i love Carpet Alarm Clock

  6. kiz

    i want the silent alarm clock so badly!

  7. chi

    i want theese.)

  8. 1337sauce

    I’m loving that smash alarm clock. Very nice.
    And the NES clock..wow. NERD POWER! 8D

  9. Fumin

    yeah, that carpet alarm clock is great.

  10. resabambino

    I need the smash alarm clock. It looks cool

  11. Mniya


  12. The Guy

    The bacon had me lolling….reminds me of Micheal Scott.
    Conceptually I like the one that gets up and runs away from you, it makes sense because you HAVE to wake up to shut the stupid thing up.:)

  13. Ozetwo

    Is it possible if you are on a diet to get one that smells of bacon to wake you up then runs away?

  14. a stranger

    It is fun.

  15. erk

    cool, nice post

  16. ben

    very imagination

  17. greed

    i would love for my clock to give me bacon!!!!! grate design.

  18. sanjay

    this unusual clock is good ,
    i like it,,

  19. kombizz

    What a great collection of the cool gadgets.

  20. unDave

    That’s not a NES Zapper, it’s the Sega Master System gun, dah!

    -by unDave™

  21. blah...

    lolz i would love to be awoken by bacon. :)
    but i really want the paper one. XD idk why, i guess its cuz its not like other clocks but it’s paper! haha, i think that would be kewl.

  22. fliptrx

    Do those vibrating rings come any larger :)

  23. Kate


  24. Sleepy

    I would probably need the carpet alarm clock.. ><


  25. Nivetha

    cool collections..

  26. freedom

    wow…very cool !

  27. Sri Lestari

    where can I get carpet alarm clock? :)

  28. Drkcrmsn

    i love pillow alarm clock& Pull Handle Alarm Clock.

  29. Meysam Baraghani

    All Of Them Was Fantastic …

  30. Frank

    I need all for my daily wakeup ;o))

  31. Michael

    i have never seen so many alarm clocks so much in my lifetime. GOOD GOLLY! GOOD IDEAS!

  32. doc

    Clocky Alarm Clock is very very funny! much better than a coffee!

  33. Peace

    Great ideas!!

  34. janaka

    i love pillow alarm clock

  35. pinkpink

    that ‘s creative & lovely.i want to have one of them

  36. choco

    i prefer the pillow clock . now thats an awesome one .

  37. Noelene

    omg! bacon alarm! i want bacon every morning

  38. scirocco

    wouuwwwww … super

  39. chlorofil

    the last one – awesome !

  40. KAMAL

    Really Really awesome.

  41. sami

    so great, i can feel a very powerful imagination behind of each product .

  42. fred

    i loved the Gun !

  43. Felix

    I love both Clocky and the gun alarm clock.
    A combination of both (with a rifle): Clocky 4 Texas!

  44. Ian

    Heheh…Smash Alarm Clock is my style for SURE.

  45. Cool

    Too bad some of them are only concepts. I’d buy the pillow light anytime (if it really worked.)

  46. bayrakçı

    i like the vibration clock….cool..

  47. carnivore

    you should have put the bacon alarm clock at the bottom everything after that one was just a disappointment because there was no bacon involved, only thing that could make it better was if it also made a fresh cup of coffee when it made the bacon.

  48. bose

    WOW!! what a creative designs I like it….

  49. sr

    cooollll…the carpet & the shape up alarm clock …the best!!

  50. timmay

    i really like the shake one, and the silence one that liek zaps you that seems painfull!!

  51. Jae Xavier

    Finally, I can smash my alarm clock without getting hurt!

  52. KingDavid

    Someone should come up with a silent but deadly alarm. There is no way you will stay in bed with that going off.

  53. linou

    i need the gun’s alarm just for the expression!!!

  54. cody

    super funny

  55. youngin`

    haha, like the paper one.
    but what happens when u crunckle it up and u need it the next morning?

  56. Ingrid-Charlotte

    Good ideas! I should get the one which runs off, I own the habit of snoozing, to much…

  57. hong

    Will the pillow alarm cause any side-effect to our brain?

  58. Lou

    Pillow Alarm Clock is awesome! I could so use that!
    Thanks much for sharing.

  59. dimitri

    Jeeps, you people are so eazy to pleaze.

    My fave is the smasher, but once the novelty wears out, none of these gadgets has a chance…

    Unless it fits in your pillow, makes bacon, runs off till you jump on it with your feet and it stops vibrating after you’ve done 30 reps.

    Then you can smash the sucker!

  60. ajay menghani

    great creativity.. great clocks.

    i m just loving it…

  61. Ernie

    I love the Smash Alarm Clock. Is it available? I wonder if I would have the energy to smash it though in the morning. LOL

  62. Raman

    I liked the shape up alarm clock that makes you wake up as you make 30 reps you don’t need to go to sleep again, or if you do then you need to sleep whole day to fulfill the laziness…………………LOL………………. The carpet alarm clock is also awesome coz that makes you really wake for which you need to step on it.

  63. rebeca

    i luv da gun one because alarm clocks are so annoying and now i can kill it YAY!!!!!!!

  64. bluepanda

    I got one of those fancy hammacher schlemer alarm clocks, the ones with smells and sounds and light, and it stopped working after like a month! these ones are really great and creative

  65. Ally

    I already had 5 of those ideas in one course in my uni degree 10years ago. Most of them i dismissed as unfeasable

  66. kim

    I really love “Bacon Alarm Clock.”

  67. Oliver

    I’m very much into these ideas and it makes me want to go back to industrial design

  68. Srimadhumohan

    Good creativity…. excellent….

  69. The Zzz-lover

    carpet alarm clock! can’t stop w/o stepping down from bed ;D

  70. Tiro

    very nice……mostly the pillow one…….nice nice nice!

  71. lightshow

    Wow. Thats awesome. I love all of them… :D

  72. Jonathan

    THE gun Is Perfect BOOOM

  73. walead

    Smash Alarm Clock and the Clocky Alarm Clock amazing

  74. Termo

    Carpet Alarm Clock very nice

  75. Caitlyn

    woo i love the carpet one

  76. Chris

    i like the silent one thats pretty tight

  77. Awmy

    omg these alarm clocks are amazing!The paper one sounds super neat

  78. Dustin Qian

    where to buy them?I want show them to my client?

  79. Ricki

    I need the carpet alarm clock. and i would place it by my door and not my bed

  80. luis

    gun one is pretty sick

  81. People4Humanity

    Some days I just don’t want to get up.

    I’m thinking of buying the whole collection, bacon, run after it, carpet, smash, all except the gun, since I’m non-violent.

    Right now I use a Sonic Alert, which has a vibrator that shakes the whole mattress, while flashing a lamp beside the bed. The snooze override is too close to make it effective sometimes.

  82. Roman

    I like the silent one the most, its good uf you dont wwnt to wake up you roommates or houseguests, and good for people who let their alarm.clock.beep.for.ten minuted before snoozing it then letting it go off for another ten minutes, i also like the smash clock and carpet clock :D

  83. steven gray

    I must report that the gun in the gun alarm clock is not i repeat, is NOT a NES gun. the one pictured is in fact a SEGA Master System gun.

  84. Enrico Martinez

    Q: What’s the similarity between your alarm clock and your arch enemy?

    A1: Its the first thing you want to kill when you wake up in the morning.

    A2: Sometimes, you want them thrown outside your window (2nd floor and up is better)

    Someone should invent an “electric bed mattress” alarm clock. It would heat itself on your specified time, and be hot enough in the morning to make you rise-up (or jump-up) from your bed.
    Or a “shaking bed” alarm clock. Because of an attached motor, the bed will instantly violently rock you awake in the morning.

  85. bokajunior

    MMMMMM Bacon

  86. reza

    wow, so creative!I like pillow with LED.

  87. kathryn

    loved the carpet, silent, gun and bacon clocks


  88. ianbattlesrobots

    I love the pillow with the LED in it. Very cool, indeed. But the one that runs away from you, Clocky, just sounds brilliant. I could see it easily driving me mad every day :-)

  89. Lola

    love the pillow one, I WANT ONE!!!!

  90. Barney

    There’s this alarm clock called the Smile Alarm Clock which doesn’t turn off unless you smile at it. “start off your day with a smile” they said. :D just wanted you guys to know about this lol.

  91. adribalbas

    wierd but awsome, i want one

  92. Jack franklin

    The bacon one would be the best alarm in the world!!!!!!

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