Glowing Turntable by Brian Eno

Glowing Turntable by Brian Eno

Designed to play both 33 and 45rpm vinyl records, glowing turntable becomes a mesmerizing neon lights sculpture when not in use.

Turntable II by Brian Eno is a unique and visually captivating audio device that goes beyond its primary function.

Cool record player made of independent color-changing parts seamlessly transitions through a variety of generative colorscapes.

Patterns of lights, their speed, and the way they change are programmed to introduce an element of randomness.

Brian Eno’s design reflects his fascination with simple deterministic systems producing complex and unpredictable results.

Generative processes behind the neon lights, inspired by overlapping and unsynchronized cycles, produce ever-evolving color formations.

Brian Eno’s Turntable II is on display at Paul Stolper Gallery until March 9.

Turntable by Brian Eno

Brian Eno Turntable

Brian Eno Glowing Turntable

Neon Lights Turntable

Glowing Record Player

Brian Eno Turntable II

Turntable II by Brian Eno

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