Bicycle Plays Vinyl Records

Bicycle Plays Vinyl Records

Innovative bicycle, created by a team of Dutch designers, is equipped with turntable inspired wheels that play vinyl records.

The sound comes out of a megaphone like speaker on the back of the Feats Per Minute bike. Listen to your favorite music while you pedal!

Feats Per Minute

Bike Plays Music

Feats Per Minute Bicycle

Feats Per Minute Bike

Bicycle Plays Music

Bike Plays Vinyl Records

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  1. CharlieSheen

    terrible idea, what happens when you want to go faster/slower? the music gets distorted?

  2. Anonymous

    @Charlie Sheen
    this kid obviously is too young to be here if he doesn’t know how a record player works

  3. Frederick


    He’s asking about the bike.
    Sounds like YOU’RE the one too young to know how a record player works.

    If you spin the record faster, music speeds up. Record players kept the disc spinning at a constant pace, thus undistorted music. On a bike, your speed is not constant.

    If you’re old enough to own a record player but don’t know how to figure this out, you’re pathetically dumb.

  4. Sharyn

    I bet every Aussie reader thinks of Spicks & Specks! It’s an Australian music quiz show where someone rides a bike which spins a record & the aim is to guess the song. So the rider has to get their speed right to make the music play at the right pace.

  5. chelsea_fc

    @Sharyn: That is EXACTLY the first thing I thought of!! Shame it ended :(

  6. ashley dellinger

    calm down guys….I think the beauty of it is the distorted music….DJ’s spin at different speeds all the time….if you are into the song you’ll keep peddling! The video shows it at too slow-too fast speeds and it sounds fine…i think the trick would be shutting it off while you ride your bike as you may sometimes not want to hear the music.

  7. Oscar

    The netherlands is a flat countrie, there are no hills, mountains or other things. We have special roads for bicycles only, so it’s really easy to get a constant speed while riding your bicycle.

  8. Atavar

    @ Charlie Sheen, the answer is simple: You want a slow ride, put a 33rpm record on. Prefer cruising? Spin up a 45. Want to go hell for leather? Get the 78’s out.

    C’mon, its not like the iPod was invented in the 50’s.

  9. Darrell

    Hahaha I love this so much! Looks like you’d have to ride pretty slow. but this is just a super awesome fun idea!

  10. Linda

    I’m from Holland, and i think it’s also mend to make fun of the kids who ride around on their bike’s, while holding their phone in their hand with music playing loud.

    This is how that would have looked in the 70’s.

  11. George Birbilis

    Now every biker can be a DJ – could mix two different records that way I guess if you could place a different one on either side of the wheel and have two playing heads

  12. CharlieSheen

    @ Atavar
    Excellent idea, that would solve things very quickly

  13. Joey

    I wonder if the front one is connected? they could hook both players up to a crossfader mounted on the handlebars and then they could really be DJ-ing!!

  14. Adam

    As long you’re pushing up an incline matching the slope of an RIAA (EQ compensation) curve…

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