ChatGPT Powered AI Typewriter

ChatGPT Powered AI Typewriter

Vintage typewriter combined with AI capabilities of ChatGPT language model from OpenAI brings digital tech into our physical world.

“Ghostwriter” is a ChatGPT-powered typewriter made by Arvind Sanjeev.

It addresses anxieties about AI by creating a mindful co-creation space.

Users input prompts on the typewriter and receive AI-generated responses.

The intentional, tactile interaction fosters a deep understanding of AI nuances, encouraging a profound and creative partnership.

ChatGPT Typewriter is a unique tool that combines human emotion with AI capabilities, showcasing collaborative potential of innovative technology.

ChatGPT Typewriter

AI Typewriter

ChatGPT Powered Typewriter

Ghostwriter AI Typewriter

Arvind Sanjeev Typewriter

AI Powered Typewriter

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