Animal Beards

Animal Beards

Creative beards shaped to look like wild animals remind people about the capabilities and exact precision of Schick razors.

Brilliant “Free Your Skin” advertising campaign by Y&R and Electric Art.

Creative Beard

Animal Beard


Schick Free Your Skin

Creative Beards


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  1. Keira

    Cute, but noting that it is a commercial for Schick razors, meaning they should shave it off…kill the animals? Shame on you Schick! Lol!

  2. Sr. F

    save the wild beards!

  3. Caco

    My beard looks like a doormat. A dead one…

  4. Jason

    That is trippy

  5. Thunder

    So… what is this advert about? Itchy beards? If so why would anybody grow their beard so long?

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