Brands Swapped Colors

Brands Swapped Colors

Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo repainted iconic logos of different companies with official colors of their competitors.

Creative project highlights the importance of color in branding, marketing, and logo design. We recognize and remember colors more than logos.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Companies Swapped Colours

Google and Yahoo

Logos Swapped Colors

Facebook and Twitter

Logos Swapped Colours

MasterCard and Visa

Companies Swap Colors

Ferrari and BMW

Logos Swap Colors

Samsung and Nokia

Brands Swap Colors

Microsoft and Apple

Companies Swapped Colors

Subway and McDonald’s

Brands Swapped Colours

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  1. james

    I didn’t know that mc donalds and subway are rivals

  2. JF

    In France McDonald’s logo is already green

  3. Roeland

    The Mcdonalds logo actually is green now…

  4. Sepehr

    thank god bmw and ferrari are not planning to actually do this :))

  5. Don

    Nokia and Samsung looks exactly the same for me ..

  6. Sr. F

    yahoo and pepsi looks nice

  7. Ryyx

    Worldwide, Subway has the most locations of any restaurant, while McDonald’s is second

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