CLAW Basketball Carrier

CLAW Basketball Carrier

Carrying a ball while riding a bike or traveling can pose a real challenge, but an innovative CLAW basketball holder aims to simplify this task.

CLAW Basketball Holder designed by Arnav Nalawade ensures a smooth journey to your next game.

Inspired by the grip of a basketball player’s hand, the CLAW features a carabiner for easy attachment to backpacks.

Compact and portable design allows users to clip the holder onto their bag, ensuring hassle-free way of transporting basketball wherever they go.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of holding the basketball in your hand or trying to squeeze it into your backpack.

CLAW Basketball Carrier is here to make your sports journey more efficient.

CLAW Basketball Holder

Basketball CLAW

CLAW Basketball

Basketball Carrier

Arnav Nalawade CLAW Basketball Carrier

Basketball Holder

Arnav Nalawade CLAW Basketball Holder

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