Christmas Suits

Christmas Suits

Stylish business suits inspired by the look of traditional Christmas sweaters.

Designed by Opposuits. Wear it to the Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

If you have a beard, do not forget “Beard Ornaments“. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Suit

New Years Suit

Christmas Outfit

Christmas Sweater Suits

New Years Suits

Christmas Sweater Sui

Holiday Suits

New Year Suits

Holiday Suit


New Year Suit

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  1. BB

    Very strange pyjamas…

  2. Pearl Lamie

    righto! u show up in my office in that get-up, i’d fire you for bad taste!

  3. Jim

    I don’t expect a huge rush for these.

  4. Kateryna Mavis

    @Pearl Lamie, If anybody showed up in my office wearing one of those Christmas suits they would be the first recipient getting a best dressed award. The last time someone wore something fancy for Christmas was 3 years ago when my daughter was performing in her school’s Christmas concert and came to work after.

  5. Gert

    OMG just NO. lol

  6. Tahere


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