Chalk Art

Chalk Art

Beautiful and creative drawings by talented American chalk artist David Zinn.

Whimsical creatures were carefully drawn on stairs, walls, trees, and sidewalks of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Unique street art eventually will be washed away by the rain.

Chalk Drawing

David Zinn

Chalk Street Art

3D Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk Drawing

Sidewalk Art by David Zinn

Street Art by David Zinn

Chalk Art by David Zinn

Sidewalk Drawings

Sidewalk Drawings by David Zinn

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Sidewalk Chalk Art by David Zinn

Chalk Street Art by David Zinn

Sidewalk Drawing by David Zinn

3D Chalk Street Art

Chalk Drawings by David Zinn

3D Sidewalk Drawing

3D Chalk Drawing

Chalk Drawings

3D Chalk Art

3D Sidewalk Art

Chalk Drawing by David Zinn

Sidewalk Art

3D Chalk Drawings

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  1. ayisharu

    cute :D

  2. John

    Wow!! Awesome!!

  3. charu

    aww awesome!

  4. omer

    sooooooo sweet !!

  5. Betty

    How many ways to say SWEEET!!!!

  6. Gert


  7. Habub

    Absolutely Incredible!

  8. BincBinc

    That is sooooo adorable!!! Amazing!

  9. Douglas

    To bad they are not more resistant to water.

  10. jackie

    Awwhh <3 These are so adorable!

  11. Nadia

    i like these a lot… ^_^

  12. Sharyn

    It would make my day spotting something like this on the sidewalk

  13. E

    Hahahaha, love this!

  14. Mkaye

    U ought to come to New York City and do this in times square near where the Naked Cowboy sings in Duffy Square between 45 and 47th street – it’s a triangle. But make the piece big! that would be awesome

  15. mathiepe

    Amazing work. Creative and funny, made me smile.

  16. Larna

    oh my i wish they cant be washed off by rain. plz make it permanent oh creative artists.

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