GoPro GoKart by Sean Gao

GoPro GoKart by Sean Gao

Modern go-kart with beautiful and futuristic design features integrated GoPro cameras that capture every thrilling moment from all sides.

GoPro GoKart concept designed by Sean Gao. In this cool project, GoPro becomes more than just a camera.

It is a brand that defines design language and elevates storytelling.

This idea isn’t just about the go-kart, it is a comprehensive B2B solution.

Imagine GoPro-equipped karts tearing around tracks, while strategically placed trackside and overhang cameras film every twist and turn.

GoPro can provide and sell an all-encompassing motorsport experience.

Camera-equipped karts, go-kart tracks, and a seamless system for motor race enthusiasts to relive their breathtaking moments.

No need to bring your own action camera. All of the GoPro videos will be provided to you at the end of the fun day of racing.

GoPro GoKart Concept

GoPro GoKart

GoPro Go-Kart

Sean Gao GoPro GoKart

GoKart by GoPro

Sean Gao Go-Kart

Go-Kart by GoPro

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